About the Memorial University Climate Action Coalition

The Coalition is a collection of students, faculty, staff, and community members with the shared interest of pursuing climate action at Memorial University. After the Coalition was founded in September 2019, the first step of the coalition was creating the Memorial University Crisis Pledge. The Crisis Pledge was created so the University body will demonstrate that they are committed to fighting our current ecological crisis. 

The Coalition continues to fight for climate action through the power of grassroots & collective organizing.  Learn more about the coalition through our campaigns or attend one of our events.

Memorial University Crisis Pledge
MUN president Gary Kachanoski signs the MUN Crisis Pledge with VP Admin & Finance Kent Decker and Coalition Spokesperson Simon Hofman

Memorial University Crisis Pledge
Fighting Climate Change Through Transformation

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has reported that we must significantly reduce carbon emissions within a decade or else we will face catastrophic consequences. But climate change is only one of many ecological problems that pose an existential threat to human society. We are in crisis.
Academic institutions play an important role in advancing knowledge and demonstrating leadership within the community and abroad. Memorial University needs to lead the province through transformative change to solve this crisis.
The purpose of the pledge is to create a foundation for solving the ecological crisis. Because Memorial University has ignored the problem for so long, a huge effort is required. Fortunately, both MUN and the province have a wealth of creativity, dedication, and talent we can use to begin the transformation. We need collective and bold action to solve the crisis, and it starts with signing the Memorial University Crisis Pledge.

Memorial University will commit to the following actions:

1. Declare a climate emergency
Declaring a climate emergency is a necessary first step to demonstrate that we understand the seriousness of the problem, and that further action will be conducted in the context of an emergency.

2. Work with the Climate Action Coalition to take meaningful action to meet IPCC targets
Fighting a problem as complex as climate change requires collective action. A coalition of students, faculty, staff, and community members will steer the transformation process. We need autonomy to pursue solutions that work for everyone.
We need to take action at every level within the university. This includes our environmental impacts, curriculum, research, community outreach, and all other ways the institution interacts with our world. Because the current ecological crisis is time sensitive, we must make every effort to implement action immediately.

Memorial University Crisis Pledge Original Signatories

Memorial University President and vice-chancellor
Memorial University Provost and vice-president (academic)
Memorial University Vice-president (administration & finance)
Memorial University Vice-president (Grenfell Campus)
Memorial University Vice-president (Marine Institute)
Memorial University Vice-president (research)
MUN Students’ Union (MUNSU)
Graduate Students’ Union (GSU)
Marine Institute Students’ Union (MISU)
Grenfell Campus Students’ Union (GCSU)
Canadian Federation Of Students Newfoundland And Labrador
Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association (MUNFA)
Lecturers’ Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland (LUMUN)
CUPE 1615
NAPE 7405
NAPE President
Fridays for Future St. John’s
Social Justice Cooperative of Newfoundland and Labrador