Open Letter

To Dr. Vianne Timmons, President of Memorial University of Newfoundland

Regarding Memorial University’s recent open-ended support for the oil and gas industry in Newfoundland and Labrador

Dear President Timmons,

We welcomed your recognition of the central role Memorial University plays in advancing the interests of the province as a whole in your remarks during the May 26th news conference. However, we are concerned and dismayed at the apparently open-ended support for the offshore oil and gas industry.[i] This unusual move marks a departure from both Memorial University’s recent pledge[ii] to take action on climate change and the sanctity of academic freedom independent of corporate or political pressures. It also does not reflect the views and active commitments of many people in the Memorial community who teach, learn, and work at this institution………… Click to read more

May 28, 2020

COVID-10 Statement

The COVID-19 pandemic has put our entire world into a dangerous crisis, exposing how unequipped our society is to deal with disaster. We’re only in the beginning of this crisis and have already seen large shocks to our political, economic, and social systems. The economic crash we’re experiencing is forcing politicians to draw up massive stimulus, and our provincial economy is already affected by the recent oil crash, which has led to the deferment of the Bay du Nord project

Still, our social ties remain resilient. Despite being physically isolated from each other, social solidarity and mutual aid have brought us together. People are responding to this crisis and want to work towards a better future. It is our responsibility to ensure that the redistribution and restructuring of the economy in response to COVID-19 is used to make our world resilient to the next crisis. Climate change will be unforgiving and the actions we make in the next year are critical to mitigating its extreme impact.  We must do everything we can to overcome it.

To further these objectives, the Memorial University Climate Action Coalition will continue to meet and organize towards our goal of a sustainable future. We welcome all community members to join our online meetings and help make Memorial University a social and environmental justice leader in our province. This is the time to act.

March 25, 2020

Survey image

Climate Action & Sustainability Survey

The Climate Action Coalition is conducting a survey to give the University body and community members an opportunity to contribute to the climate and sustainability action. Information collected will be used to assist in the first steps of creating policy and an action plan at Memorial University.

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Memorial University Climate Action Coalition

The Coalition is a collection of students, faculty, staff, and community members with the shared interest of pursuing climate action at Memorial University. Find out more about us, our campaigns, and events.